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UV Coating Machine Introduction and Classification

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Coating machine is mainly used for film, paper and other surface coating process production, this machine is a roll of the substrate coated with a layer of specific functions of plastic, paint or ink, and drying after winding. It uses a special multi-function coating head, can achieve a variety of forms of surface coating production, coating machine are equipped with full-speed automatic film winding institutions, PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control.

Brush type
Brush coater is the oldest coating equipment, originally used in the 1850s for the production of coated wall paper using china clay. There are 3 different types of brush applicator heads: round brush applicator head, blanket roller applicator head and blanket applicator head. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Figure 1 is an early application of a brush coating head. [1]

Air knife
1930s air knife coating machine marks the advent of modern paper coating industry was born. Air knife coating machine is to overcome the brush coating machine of  the above shortcomings, quickly be promoted, resulting in a sharp  increase in coated paper production.

Scraper type
The 1950s saw the first scraper-type coating machine patent. After the blade coater technology has been rapid development. According  to the feeding equipment, the type of scraper and the scraper  installation position, the scraper coating head is also divided into  many kinds, such as hard blade blade coating machine, drag knife blade  coating machine, soft blade blade coating machine, fountain type A scraper coater, a short resident blade coater, a Bill scraper coater, a wiper roll coater, and the like.

Scraper type coating agent

Roll type
The roll coating is performed by applying a coating material to the coating surface with a coating roll. The  amount of coating can be adjusted by the pressure between the metering  roller, the pressure to strengthen, reduce the amount of paint passed,  coating volume is reduced. Type of roll coater:
1, press roll coating head
2, reversing roll coating head
3, the transfer roller coating head
4, gravure roll coating head

Spray coating
Spray coating technology is a non-contact coating method, the use of  controlled high-pressure spray technology for paper or cardboard single  or double-sided coating (sizing).
Spray coating machine
Curtain coating

The multi-layer curtain coater is capable of imparting a three-layer  structure to the surface of the ink-jet printing paper (primary layer,  absorptive layer

And the top layer), and can obtain a uniform coating on the uneven paper surface
Slit coating

A  slit coating head comprising a coating liquid storage tank, a pump for  pressing the coating liquid in the coating liquid storage tank to the  nozzle through a supply line, a control section for controlling  operation of the pump and the nozzle And  a pressure detecting section for detecting the line pressure, and  discharging the coating liquid when the pressure reaches a predetermined  pressure condition.

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