Semi-automatic Flexo Printing & Slotter Machine

Semi-automatic Flexo Printing & Slotter Machine

Semi-automatic Flexo Printing & Slotter Machine Model SBH2170/2500/2800

Introduction of Semi-automatic Flexo Printing & Slotter Machine Model SBH2170/2500/2800:

1.Semi-automatic flexo printing & slotting machine is feeding by chain pushing in transverse direction; printing, pressing, slotting, trimming and die-cutting just in one step.

2.Auto-counting production units.

3.Mechanism unit uses pneumatic inter lock and can be separated.

4.The  transmission  gears  made  of  high  quality  steel  under  accurate treatment. Spraying circulation is adopted to lubricate the gears, reducing noise and prolonging the service life.

5.The anilox roll with automatic pressing up and down feeding system; the automatic idle-running function of the rubber roll can prevent the ink from drying when the operation is paused.

6.Printing and slotting phase adjustment, harmonic device and transducer
control the dynamic and static 360ℴ electric adjustment, fast and convenience.

7.Using hanging style controlled by foot switch, convenience and fast.

8.Manual control of printing cylinder transverse register (20mm)

Main Specifications:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Machine modelSBH 2170SBH 2500SBH 2800
Max speed70 pcs/min70 pcs/min70 pcs/min
Max feeding size2270×1370mm2600×1370mm2900×1370 mm
Max printing area2100×1300mm2400×1300mm2700×1300mm
Min paper size650×380mm650×380mm650×380mm
Min slotting depth350mm350mm350mm
Min slot distance150mm150mm150mm
Machine power8.45kw8.45kw8.45kw

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