Semi-Automatic Die-Cutting &Creasing MachineSemi-Automatic Die-Cutting &Creasing Machine

Semi-Automatic Die-Cutting &Creasing Machine

Model: SAX 1300/1450/1500/1720

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Semi-Automatic Die-Cutting &Creasing Machine

Model: SAX 1300/1450/1500/1720

CBADEN Semi-Automatic Die-Cutting &Creasing Machine Model  SAX 1300/1450/1500/1720 is a special equipment and applying to die-cutting of advanced colored boxes made of paper. It is combined with  several advantages over many other die-cutters both in China and abroad. Gripper bars with high intensity are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper. Frontal ,back and side registration mechanism ensures great precision of die-cutting. Other parts are adopted such as intermittent mechanic with high precision, air clutch, pneumatic locking mechanism, programmable controller and human-machine interface. The interface can display various digital information of machine such as working speed ,amount of paper processed, total running time etc. Our machine is easy to eliminate troubles according to the display of trouble shooting. Transducer is adopted to control the main motor in achieving step-less speed variation. Our machine has a lot of sensors and safe-ensuring devices to guarantee the safety to operator and of environment. Frontal and back pressure can be adjusted separately. It is convenient to stop the machine by hand. It can also realize die-cutting without clipper margin.
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Paameters of Model  SAX 1300/1450  :

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
ModelSAX 1300SAX 1450
Max. Paper Size1300×950 mm1450×1060 mm
Min. Paper Size550×500mm550×500mm
Max. Cutting Size1290×940mm1440×1050mm
Max. Die cutting Pressure3000N/CM23000N/CM2
Sheet ThicknessCardboard:200-2000g/m2 Corrugated paper:≤7mCardboard:80-2000g/m2 Corrugated paper:≤7m
Max. Die-cutting Speed4500sheets/h4000sheets/h
Max. Feeding Pile Height1400mm1400mm
Max. Delivery Pile Height1200mm1200mm
Total power13.5kw15.5kw
Net weight14.5T16T
Machine dimensions4000×2250×2250mm4200×2300×2200mm

Parameter of Model  SAX 11500/1720 :

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
ModelSAX 1500SAX 1720
Max. Paper Size1500×1060 mm1700×1200 mm
Min. Paper Size600×450mm650×450mm
Max. Cutting Size1480×1080mm1680×1180mm
Max. Die cutting Pressure3000N/CM23000N/CM2
Sheet ThicknessCardboard:0.5-3mm,corrugated ≤8mm Corrugated paper:≤7mCardboard:0.5-3mm,corrugated ≤8mm Corrugated paper:≤7m
Max. Die-cutting Speed3000sheets/h3000sheets/h
Max. pressure300T300T
Total power15.5kw19.5kw
Max. holding width8mm8mm
Net weight17T29T
Machine dimensions8100×7400×2200mm8600×8000×2600mm

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