Paper Cutting Machine

Paper Cutting Machine

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this Paper Cutting Machine Model SAD920/1150/1300/1370 /1760,it is designed for cutting all kinds of materials precisely, such as printed matter, cardboards, plastics, leather products and metal foils, etc.

More detail :
1. As a paper cutting machine manufacturer in China, we are able to provide a wide selection of paper cutting machines varying on cutting width. Specifically, we can provide models such as 920/1150/1300/1370 /1760 for paper cutting machines.
Each model number refers to the cutting width of each paper guillotine.
2. The key parts of our paper cutting machines are acquired from international famous suppliers. Due to our focus on quality, our paper cutters are CE certified.

Features of Model SAD920/1150/1300/1370 /1760:
1. Our Paper Cutting Machine is equipped with Sharp 10.4 inch true color displaying screen which assures high quality colors (up to 25,600).  User-friendly design provides operators with simple machinery operation.
2. Designed with a storage capacity of 10,000 groups of data and a memory period of 300,000 hours, our PLC controlled paper cutter provides users with reliable performance.
Designed with USB interfaces, our paper cutting machines can realize data information exchange and remote control.
3. Japan servo motor is adopted for paper-pushing, so our paper cutting equipment features low noise, high speed and quick response. Our adoption of Japan servo motor also guarantees a high precision positioning (±0.001mm).
4. A hydraulic system designed based on Germany technology is optional. Additionally, in the hydraulic system of our paper cutting machine, we also provide long service life and low noise gear pump acquired from Italy for your option.
5. The guide way of our paper cutting machine is made of bearing steel and is designed in linear style, so it has a strong force and high accuracy.
6. Our paper cutting machine is equipped with a ball screw rod which features no interval, good rigidity, high efficient and long service life.

Machine specifications:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
ModelSA 920SAD1150SAD1300SAD1370SAD1760
Cutting width920mm1150mm1300mm1370mm1760mm
Cutting length130mm165mm130mm165mm,165mm
Max. pressure on paper35000N45000N45000N45000N45000N
Table height120mm165mm165mm165mm165mm
Table length612mm715mm730mm730mm780mm
Min. cut width2.5cm2.5cm2.5cm3cm3.5cm
Cutting speed42/min43/min43/min43/min43/min
Machine power3KW4KW4KW4.5KW7.5KW
Electricity360-400V, 50Hz(or custom-built)
Machine weight2400kg3830kg4000kg4520kg6850kg

NOTE: we can customize according to your needs.

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