Paper Bag Machine -square bottom

Paper Bag Machine -square bottom

Paper Bag Machine -square bottom Model SDBR460

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this Paper Bag Machine -square bottom it is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed. Side gluing, tube forming, cutting, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product out feed can be completed within one time by this machine.

More detail:

It is ideal equipment for making paper bag for foodstuff bag, shopping bag and so on. Controlled by PLC system, equipped with in-touch screen and servo motor for bag length control, this machine can produce different size paper bag.

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group can customize for you ,please contact our Cbaden person by mail ,   Cbaden will offer you with superior and complete service .


Technic parameter :

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->



Width of Paper roll

600-1300 mm  ( 23.62"-51.18" )

Length of Bag

215-500 mm   ( 8.46"-19.88" )

Width of Bag

220-460 mm   ( 8.66"-18.11" )

Width of Bag   Bottom 

60-180 mm    ( 2.36"-7.08" )

Paper weight

60-180 g/m2

Max. Diameter of Paper   Roll

ф1500   mm    (    59"  )

Internal Diameter of   Roll Core

ф76   mm     (   2.99" )

Max. Speed

180 pcs/min

Total Power

15 Kw

Machine weight

Approx 10000 kg

Machine dimension

8620 mm ×2500 mm ×1810 mm

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