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Introduction of Slitting Machine

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Slitting machine is to strip into a number of required specifications  strip base by the steel and steel welded together, qualitative  treatment.

1. Constant tension control principle
For  the constant tension control during the unwinding and unwinding  process, it is necessary to know the change of the coil diameter during  the running. Due to the change of the winding diameter, in order to keep  the load running, the split machine needs the output torque of the  motor to follow the change of the winding diameter . For the V series inverter, because it can do the torque control, so to complete winding constant tension control. V series inverter provides three analog input ports, AUI, AVI, ACI. This  three-channel analog input can be defined as a variety of functions, so  you can choose one as a torque reference, the other way as a speed  limit. 0  ~ 10v corresponds to the inverter output 0 ~ motor rated torque, so by  adjusting the voltage of 0 ~ 10v can complete the constant tension  control. The  Du Yu slitting machine, calculate the diameter of the coil is part of  the tension controller to calculate, of course, to achieve with the PLC  architecture is also no problem. In  other words, you can set the tension in the human machine or text,  through the PLC volume diameter calculation, T = F * D / 2, it can  calculate the required torque output motor size, through the analog  output connected to the V series frequency The torque given to the end of the device on it.

2. Synchronous speed calculation
As  we know that the inverter works at low frequencies, the sub-machine AC  induction motor characteristics of the poor, the activation torque is  low and sub-linear, so in the whole winding process to avoid winding  motor work in 2HZ the following. So the winding motor has a minimum speed limit. For a four-stage motor its synchronous speed is calculated as follows:  n1 = 30f1 / p = n1 = 1500r / min = 2HZ / 50HZ = N / 1500 = N = 60rpm /  min
(F1 is the nominal frequency, p is the pole number, n1 is the synchronous speed)

3. Limited speed operation
When the maximum winding diameter is reached, the minimum speed for the entire winding operation can be determined:
V =? * D * n / i = Vmin = 3.14 * 1.2 * 60/9 = 25.12 m / min
Tension control, the sub-machine to limit the speed, otherwise there will be speed, so the speed limit to run.

4. Tension and torque calculation
If F * D / 2 = T / i (F - tension, D - diameter, T - torque, i - reduction ratio), = F = 2 * T * i / D 3.7KW AC Motor,  the rated torque is calculated as follows: T = 9550 * P / n = T =  24.88Nm so Fmax = 2 * 24.88 * 9 / 0.6 = 74.64N (T - rated motor torque, P  - motor Rated power, n == rated motor speed)

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