Handbag Making Machine

Handbag Making Machine

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this Handbag Making Machine Model SE1100A/B and  is the automatic type , which features a continuous function of automatic delivery of creased material paper , line aligning , gluing , tube formation , impressing and bag tube output . It apply in the material of brown paper , art paper , white board paper , white cardboard, film adhesive paper and laminated paper and adopts water base cold glue and hot-melt glue which are not cease any hazardous to the environment . Most of the parts are imported parts of world famous brand, such as those  brands of SCHNEIDER ,SIEMENS , NSK, NACHI SUNX ,TECO , etc..
SE1100B is the ideal equipment of manufacturing  top-quality handbag .

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group can customize for you ,please contact our Cbaden person by mail ,   Cbaden will offer you with superior and complete service .

Machine parameter:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Max. width and length 600×1100mm 600×1100mm
Height of paper bag 60-180mm 55-180mm
Min. width of width and length 380×60mm 380×600mm
Paper weight 127-300g 127-300g
Working speed 70pcs/min. 100pcs/min.
Glue type hot-melt Water base glue and hot melt
Total power 6.5kw 10kw
Machine weight 2T 4T
Machine dimension 7500×2200×1500mm 9500×1850×1700mm

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