Cutting and Packing Machine for A4 Copy Paper

Cutting and Packing Machine for A4 Copy Paper

Working process :
unwinding→ cutting → conveying → collecting → Packaging.

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Main Structure :

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1.Paper lifting-up unit, it is shaft-less2 sets
2.Tension controlling system , it is advanced4 sets
3. Anti-curved unit4 sets
4.Vertical type slitting unit , with up and down blade units5 sets
5. Synchronous sheeting unit , with up and down blade units1 sets
6.High-speed paper feeding system1 set
7.slow-speed paper feeding system1 set
8. Automatic layout unit ,the waste paper1 set
9. Paper correction device , it is 2D shaking paper and screw lifting-falling type1 set
10. PLC counting the ream paper1 set
11. delivery device the ream paper , it is by vertical and horizontal type1 set
12.PLC malfunction warning system and PLC control system1 set
13.movable feeding belt1 set
14. Convex type of wheel to deliver paper1 set
15. Convex type of wheel to correct paper1 set


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Paper WidthGross width 846mm, net width 840mm
Cutting numbers4 cutting-A4 210mm (width)
Paper roll’s diameterMax.Ф1200mm. Min.Ф400mm
Paper core’s diameter3”(76.2mm)or 6”(152.4mm)
Packing Paper gradeHigh-grade copy paper; High-grade office paper; High grade Free Wood paper etc.
Paper weight60-100g/m2
Sheet length297mm ( specially design for A4 paper, the cutting length is 297mm)
Ream amount500 sheets Max. Height: 65mm
Production speedMax .120-150m/min(depends on different paper quality)
Max. Numbers of cutting538/min
Output of the ream16reams/min
Load of cutting400g/m2 (4×100g/m2)
Cutting accuracy±0.2mm
Cutting conditionNo variation of the speed, no paper break that cut all the paper at one time and need the eligible paper.
Main power supply3×380V /50HZ
Voltage220V AC /24V DC
Air consumption300NL/min
Air pressure6 bar
Edge cutting2×10mm
Safety standardDesign according the safety standard of China
Machine weight15T
Machine dimension16500(mm)×2750(mm)×2100(mm)

Packing Unit:
Main specification :

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Working speed of the packing16 packs/ m.
Working speed of the cover paper16pcs/ m.
Packing specification210×297×50mm(according to A4 size and 500pcs)
voltage380V 3 phases 4 lines
Motor power5.1kw
Gluing power3.69kw
Compressed air0.6-0.8 mpa
paper specification L W550-560mm×386mm
Machine weight1.5T
Machine dimension3400×3300×1600mm

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