Automatic Paper Bag Machine

Automatic Paper Bag Machine

Automatic Paper Bag Machine Model SEK-350/1040

Introduction for the Automatic Paper Bag Machine Model KL-350/1040:

CBADEN Machinery Group design and build this Automatic Paper Bag Machine Model SEK-350/1040, it is the ideal equipment to take the flat papers with original colors or printed well as raw materials to make into paper bags with square bottoms. Its technique process is about:the flat papers after printing are delivered into the driving parts for positioning through automatic paper feeder and press line with rolling press device and then make one-side glue, folding and positioning and sticking and conveying device will convey them into the bottom position and conduct press horizontal line, open bottom, make glue and press together and finally output finished bag products.

More detail :

Shorten the cycle time: We set new standards to cut down the cycle time .Rapid cycle time improves capacity and lower production cost. CBADEN machine is one of the fastest ones among its like products.

Minimum wear and cost: Our engineering expertise and the long service life of our equipment guarantee higher capacity and lower cost while at the same time increase the output of quality products and reduce the unit cost.

The applicable paper materials: Brown paper, copperplate paper, white-plate paper, white paperboard and grey paperboard etc

 Working Procedure:

 Paper bag layout :
Technical Parameters for the Automatic Paper Bag Machine Model KL-350/1040:

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->

Width  scope of bag face

180-350mm(7.09-13.78  inch)

Organ  height

70-150mm2.76-5.91 inch

Canister  length of the paper bag

290-600mm11.42-23.62 inch

Paper  width

530-1040mm20.87-40.95 inch

Paper  length

290-600mm11.42-23.62 inch



Paper  weight range with unit

A.     Brown  paper(yellow brown and wihile brown):80-200g

B.      Copperplatepaper+PP peritoneum:100-200g

C.     White  paperboard:180-200g

D.     Grey  paperboar+PP:150-250g

Product  speed


Glue  type

Watery  glue(sticking the side can increase heat melting glue system

Total  power


Machine   weight


Machine  Dimension


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