Automatic Folder Gluer for Paper Box

Automatic Folder Gluer for Paper Box

1. Introduce

Power speaker

Digital multimedia product

Computer and laptop

Portable product

LCD monitor

TV, DVD and the other product

Home Theater

2. Feature

    Working Voltage: DC24-DC34V
     standy by current:50MA

Output Power: L and R channel  MAX2*100W

Output impendance: 4~8ohm

Dynamic Range = 102 dB

High Power, 100 @ 4ohm, 0.1% THD+N
High Efficiency, 90%

Frequency Response:20Hz-20K Hz

Suggest  working Voltage: DC 32V
MAX output current:7A
Mute Input

Integrated Gate Drive Supply  

Over-current protection

Over and under-voltage protection

PCB material is FR4, thickness 1.6MM, Cu thickness is 2OZ

The dimension is 140mm*83mm

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