Automatic Flolder Gluer

Automatic Flolder Gluer

Automatic Flolder Gluer Model SCY580

Introduction of Automatic Flolder Gluer Model SCY580

Manufacturer of Superior Machine Group design and build the  Automatic Flolder Gluer Model SCY580 , it is personalized for making more special shape of carton boxes that is widely used to make kit boxes, cosmetic boxes, toothpaste boxes, wine boxes, food boxes, gift boxes and other light industrial packing boxes.


 More information of Automatic Flolder Gluer Model SCY580

1Select of high friction, high wear resistance with five vibrating motors feeding belt to ensure the continuous paper feeding

2Advanced synchronous belt makes delivery stable. It overcomes the peer products chain drive fast, noise, and vibration and other defects.

3Adopts imported frequency converter and the linkage mechanical governor can control the distance between each of two boxes when feeding. According to the different size, different shapes and paper materials, it can adjust the paper space and speed.

4Pressing department can be adjusted by two-way group to further press the folded boxes, and lead them to a smooth transfer. And it kick plate with a mechanical device, you may choose any volume counts.

5Use the special equivalent high toughness belts avoid often belt tension. It is soft of the two side and plasticity, will not scratch the surface of paper.

6With the imported gear motors in the conveying part to ensure the press output torque at low speed, the mouth of glued boxes will not bounce. Conveying belt can be moved front and back to facilitate transfer of long and short boxes.

7High standards and high requirements of the spare parts are selected to provide a reliable guarantee for the machine

Optional parts of Automatic Flolder Gluer Model SCY580
1Ultra-small box gluing device.2Grinding device.3Special Narrow box gluing devic.4Com box ( batter cylinder ) device

5Hot-melt spray device

 Parameter of Automatic Flolder Gluer Model SCY580

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->

Usage Pape

200-700g  cardboard paper

Working speed

0-250  m/min

         Glue Type

machine use gluing type

Electricity Powe


Machine weight


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